Product Advantages

Light Weight

AluTuff is light in weight due to its composition: in which two aluminium sheets compressing a thick core layer of low density polyethylene. These panels are 30-50% lighter than metal plates, marble, granite and other traditional materials of same thickness. It reduces the weight of the building resulting in long life and quake resistance. 


AluTuff Panels are treated by latest coating which produces uniformity in color and everlasting durability. These panels can endure the worst external conditions like rain, snow, ultraviolet rays etc. We use the best quality colors by Becker, Valspar and DuPont, which are the leading brands in this segment. 


AluTuff panels have excellent. 
• Work Ability
• Adhesive Strength
• Bending Strength
• Peel Strength
which make these panels easy to handle without any complication and damage.


Being a triple layer structure, AluTuff shows superior ability in absorbing physical external impact and giving soundproof effect. 


AluTuff Panels are versatile materials designed to fit in to your imagination. They can be used in various applications, particularly for wall cladding in both exterior and interior to give stunning effects. These panels are being widely used at 
•Corporate Offices
• Airports
• Hotels
• Multiplexes
• Hospitals
• Shopping Malls
• Petrol Pumps Etc.
These panels are also best suited for balcony and canopy cladding, partition, ceiling panels, column covers, beams wraps, stairways, elevators, false ceilings, offices furniture and cabinets etc