For External Use

• PVDF coating with minimum 70% content PVDF resin.
• PVDF stone series and wood series which involves printing of textures and roller coating with PVDF resins.
• Nano PVDF coating which adds a layer of self-clean on the surface of PVDF coating.
• Stainless Steel in Hair line in 316 and 304 grade
• PVDF coating with Fire-resistance core which is compounded by fire-proof MG0H, NAOH and POLYESTER. Its non-combustible feature can reach B1 Glass.



Exterior facade cladding in various new construction projects like Airports, Multi Storey Towers, Large Space Showrooms and Petrol Stations
Old building's outside wall renovation
Interior Fit-outs include office building compartment, ceiling, murals and elevator
Exhibitions and display stands, signboard, billboard, notice board
Walls and bodies for tunnel, subway, truck, ship and auto
Understanding of the product range and flexibility is the key to the limits of the architect's imagination.