Q1. Is there any difference between the core of standard PE and FR?
Polyethylene also described in short as (PE) is the core material used for standard ACP. It is a petroleum based product with proven exterior and interior weather resistance properties. It also contributes to the strength, flexibility and stability of ACP. FR core is a non-combustible mineral core used mainly in the fire rated ACP.

Q2. Is there any fire rating for ACP? -
Standard ACP - LDPE core are either made-up of recycled, virgin grades or mixing recycled & virgin resin grades. - FR ACP - Fire Retardant LDPE core are compound with inorganic mineral.

Q3. Why are PVDF paints generally termed '70% PVDF'?
The PVDF paint is formulated with 70% PVDF and the remaining 30% is Acrylic polymer. The entire polymer phase (PVDF + Acrylic) is dispersed in solvents such as esters / ketones. It is critical to use 70% of PVDF to meet the desired weathering performance.

Q4. What is the difference between recycled and virgin LDPE?
Virgin material has more uniform properties in terms of melt flow characteristics than recycled material. Virgin material also offers better flexibility compared to recycled material. In the case of ACP , the LDPE is sandwiched between the top and bottom Aluminum skins; hence one can use recycled LDPE which has good melt flow characteristics to replace. Litong always selects the right grade of recycled LDPE along with virgin LDPE thereby ensuring that the ACP meets the required product parameters.

Q5. Is it possible to visually differentiate between recycled LDPE and virgin LDPE?
If unpigmented recycled material is used, it will be close to the color of virgin material. However, in most cases the recycled LDPE is pigmented in various colors and most popular is black.

Q6. What is the softening and melting point of LDPE core?
The softening point of LDPE is approximately 90 °C and the melting point is in the range of 110 -120 C.

Q7. Will the ACP assist in fire propagation?
Regular ACP will not propagate the flame. But due to prolonged heat if the LDPE becomes soft and starts dripping, then the fire will continue as the melted LDPE will burn.

Q8. What shapes of ACP can be achieved ?
ACP can be made into standard trays and rolled into circular columns. The use of CNC Equipment enables ACP lobe cut into Grills and other two dimensional shapes.

Q9. What is the significance of the various alloys such as 1100, 3003/13105, 5005?
Alloy 0100— It is a grade which has 99% Aluminum and has good formability. - Alloy 3003/3105 — is an alloy with Manganese, which gives good formability and better mechanical properties. - Alloy 0000— is an alloy with Magnesium, which gives good formability and better mechanical properties. By adjusting the temper, the mechanical properties of different alloys can be matched. Litong offers two types of alloys, namely 1100 alloy with H18 temper and 3003 alloy with H16 temper for our ACPs .