Reduced Dead Load:
Higher strength to weight ratio and lighter than building materials such as glass and stone. steel of same size.
  Insulated and Sound Proof:
Polyethylene present in the composite panels reduces penetration of heat and sound.
Water Penetration/Non-erosion:
Non rusting properties that prevent water seepage and weather erosion.
Non inflammable property of polyethylene reduces risk to fire hazards.
Easy to clean using general cleaning methods.
  Nature Friendly:
Highly recyclable and excellent replacement of wood .
Available in multifarious surface colors with option of customization.
  Uniform Flatness:
Smooth and uniform flatness results in more ease when applying on building surface.
Weather Proofing:
Resistant to weather conditions and widely applicable for tropical areas and coastal areas with high humidity.
  Shock Resistant:
Natural strength to withstand windstorm, earthquake, or natural wind born impacts.
Can be curved, cut, drilled or molded into various shapes.