A. Linear Thermal Expansion/Contraction (LTE or LTC) Linear thermal expansion coefficient of ALUTUFF Panels is the same as aluminum metal. Therefore, movement will not occur between aluminum and ALUTUFF Panels. However, a certain extent of movement is anticipated between ALUTUFF Panels and structural materials such as steel and concrete. This movement is normally very small (0.5mm/m or 0.02''/3') in case of indoor applications, but it must be relieved with a suitable method such as spacing between panels. In outdoor applications, the temperature change will be nearly twice of the above.

B. Prevention from Edge corrosion ALUTUFF Panels have a corrosion resistant primer behind aluminum skins to prevent the edge from corrosion and this panel is a non-permeable material. But we still recommend a careful panels detail in which cut edge is not exposed to corrosive or outdoor atmosphere for long time. When ALUTUFF Panels are used in a humid area such as in bathroom, it is important to drain the moisture to keep the edges dry or insulated with sealant.

C. Installation direction for coatings In Metallic Colors, slight color difference will be noticeable between the panels installed in different directions (like Panel A and B). Install panels in Marvel and Wood panels. In Solid Colors, the color difference due to coating direction is negligible.

D. Reinforcement behind panels are decided on basis of size of panel, installation height, local wind pressure, width of panel etc.

Details of various types of circular blades and router bids are shown in following figures.