Alutuff Evolution is a hitech exterior product. With supreme quality & a wide range, the product has made Alutuff the largest manufacturer of ACP in India. Alutuff Evolution is a precious and latest gem in the Alutuff family. This product is inspired by nature's untouched purity & beauty. It is also available in Wooden & Granite Finishes

Panel Dimensions
Overall Thickness 3 mm and 4 mm
Coil Thickness 0.25 mm
Core Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Colors 12 shades in stone, granite, marble and wooden finish
Warranty 15 years*
Application LOW-RISE Commercial & Residential and Buildings
Coating PVDF
Product Tolerance
Width ± 2mm
Length ± 3mm
Thickness 4mm Thick — ±0.2mm
Squareness Max ±2.0mmMax ±2.0mm
Bow Max 0.5%